CRDS is HungaroControl's research and development centre operating Central Europe's largest advanced ATC simulation facility.

We provide simulation, training and consultancy services for air navigation service providers (ANSPs), functional airspace blocks (FABs) and other interested parties.

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Today's CRDS

is the R&D and Simulation Centre of HungaroControl supporting its core business activities, strengthening its R&D capabilities and contributing to regional cooperation. As we operate Central Europe’s largest ATC simulator facility with leading-edge functionality, we are able to offer various solutions that are tailored to your needs. Our simulation platform is based on ACE developed by EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre.

Future Plans: Thinking Outside the Box

Using our expertise in real-time and fast-time ATM simulation as well as our ATC experience as a solid foundation, we are aiming to work with both industrial and academic partners to develop knowledge-based products and services in order to facilitate progress in the areas of flight safety, capacity, efficiency and the environment – as well as human factors.

How we work

Defining the Problem

All our simulation based solutions start with a thorough preparation phase by measuring the traffic demand and assessing the future plans. As a result, we are able to design scenarios to be as close to the theoretical optimum as possible.

Elaborating the Solution

Our validation methods are in line with E-OCVM standards. During the process we record all relevant data in order to create customised statistics, furthermore we can estimate ATCOs' workload factors through Artificial Intelligence.

From Drawing Conclusions to Making It Happen

We complete the picture by analysing both objective and subjective data. With the final report, we are ready to support implementation. Then, the given solution can be refined through Fast-time Simulation in order to keep a check on the real change of the relevant parameters.

Our toolbox: Technical environment

We work for our customers with the help of the following technical environment:

  • High capacity simulator platform with 34 controller and 26 pilot working positions
  • High performance ACE compliant software for real‑time simulation
  • AirTOp software for fast-time simulation
  • Flexible working environment
  • Advanced ATM tools and applications, SYSCO and data link environment
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